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How will your COVID-19 wedding postponement affect your Wedding Flowers?

I'm writing this blog currently in lockdown due to COVID-19 which has affected us all somehow. I have had so many lovely couples who have had to postpone their dream weddings due to this awful pandemic. But please don't worry - your day will happen! And when it does, it will be all the more special.

I know that along with the date postponements, some other aspects of your wedding may also have to adjust too. This could also mean some of your flower choices may need to change slightly depending on your date change. You may have been having that perfect Spring Wedding, and have now had to re book for October and are thinking 'What does that mean for my flowers?!' Well worry not! Your florist will be able to guide you on some alternatives and different ideas.

Your ideal Spring Wedding flower combo may have been filled with pretty pastels and beautiful, blousy Peonies and you are now wondering what on Earth to do for an autumn wedding. There are so many different options for you here that will all look absolutely stunning. Of course, there is no problem at all with still going for a pink, pastel colour theme - the main thing that may just need to change slightly are the flowers themselves. For example, Peonies have a very limited Spring/Early Summer season, so these would not be available, but you could choose to have have gorgeous Dahlias in place of these.

Or if you were to embrace a new season, you can really get creative with ideas. If you are now having an Autumn/Winter wedding, and don't know where to start, it's always good to have a look on Pinterest to get some ideas, and ask your florist to send you over some images of their past work.

The colours in Autumn are so beautiful and rich, so you can really showcase this with beautiful tones in your flowers. Deep rust oranges, dark purples, muted pinks and natural tones are such a good combination. Adding hints of white or lighter colours can break the flowers up a bit, and if you want to get really creative, think about adding some dried materials or hints of willow.

Going into winter weddings, again there is so much choice available. It may not be the summer wedding that you thought you were going to have, but it can be equally just as beautiful - if not more! You can go 'winter' without having to go too 'Christmassy'.

Deep, rich reds with beautiful foliages look stunning - add in some hints of berries to really get that winter feel across. Winter is also a great time for different foliages - so if you are a couple who love the natural, wild kind of look, there really is a lot of choice around winter.

Or keeping it whites and natural can also look fantastic at this time of year.

You can even add in some little hints of sparkle from metallic foliages, and this would not look out of place at all for the time of year! Some things will only look right at winter time, so take advantage if you have had to change to this season, and really wow your guests!

Ultimately, if you have had to change your Wedding date, as difficult as it is, please try not to be disheartened. When it does happen, it really will be all the more magical! As a wedding florist, I know how important this day is to you, and along with many other wedding suppliers, am doing everything possible to accommodate new dates and changes to your flowers. We are here for you! Please do ask your suppliers for help, and know that your day will happen eventually and will be worth the wait.

Charmaine x



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